Awaken your infinite potential

The Insight Program is an extraordinary tool designed to help you explore expanded states of consciousness, achieve deeper levels of self awareness and personal insight, and much more.

Simply by listening to our brainwave technology on a CD or MP3, you can:

  • Experience higher states of consciousness
  • Achieve profound states of deep meditation
  • Dramatically increase your self-awareness
  • Improve your dream recall
  • Significantly reduce stress and improve sleep

The audio technology, embedded beneath your choice of the soothing sounds of natural rain or ocean waves, will help you enhance your mind’s potential and guide you into profoundly deep states of relaxation, meditation, and awareness.

Not all brainwave products are dedicated to helping you achieve both rapid results and permanent mind enhancement. Many products offer temporary effects, but do not help you achieve any long-term benefits and results. The Insight Program is designed to trigger rapid AND lasting results.

While it would take years, possibly decades, of training to achieve these positive results through traditional meditation techniques or other mind enhancement programs, our listeners are experiencing the same results and MORE in an incredibly accelerated timeframe.

Deep meditation at the touch of a button

Our audio technology will assist you in reaching levels of consciousness as deep and often deeper than those reached by experienced meditators, Zen monks, and Yogis who have been practicing meditation for years.

Right away you’ll feel the physical response to this deeply relaxing state, the very first time you listen to the Insight Program. But the physical response is only the first thing you’ll notice. Within only a few days, you’ll also see an improvement in the quality of your sleep and a reduction in stress. You’ll begin to notice you feel more calm, centered, relaxed and refreshed, and that’s only the beginning.

Each time you listen, the audio technology will work to stimulate your brain while in this deeply relaxed meditative state, triggering neural pathways to fire, enhancing communication between various parts of the brain, and bringing both sides of your brain into synchronization.

Research has indicated that this same state of whole-brain synchronization is consistently found in the brainwave patterns of highly intelligent and creative individuals, as well as in longtime meditators and yogis who exhibit heightened awareness, higher senses, and other abilities.

This state of synchronization is the ultimate goal of many meditators since it allows you to tap into levels of mental performance not normally reached in everyday life.

Only 24 minutes per day

At this point you’re probably saying to yourself, “This sounds like a bunch of pie-in-the-sky promises. How can one CD possibly do all that?”

You may even be saying to yourself “Nothing in life is completely effort-free. Everything requires some kind of effort in order to work,” and you’re right. In order for the Insight Program to work, you do need to spend time listening to it each day at first.

The Insight Program is composed of three separate audio tracks, each 24 minutes long. You have the option of listening to only one track each day, for a 24-minute listening experience, or listening to multiple tracks for a longer listening experience. How long you spend listening each day is completely up to you. The only requirement is that you listen using headphones.

The Insight Program incorporates each brainwave state, guiding your mind gently from the Beta state down through the Alpha state into a deeply meditative Theta state, and then gradually taking it further into the deep Delta range, while also boosting Gamma activity, triggering heightened neural activity and synchronizing the left and right hemispheres of your brain.

This state of mind provides scientifically proven physical and mental benefits and is also wonderfully conducive to the exploration of higher levels of consciousness and deeper layers of self awareness.

The power to live your dreams already exists within you. You need only awaken that potential to experience life-changing results.

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Insight Program
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Insight Program
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Insight Program   Insight Program

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Thanks for making the Insight CD. Itís great! I get a very deep meditation with it and Iíve noticed a huge change in my self awareness. Iím noticing things about myself I never realized before and Iím having more motivation to take care of the things I noticed before but never did anything about. I have more energy to do things and Iím getting more done in my life. Thanks again!
ó Ted L., Westbrook, CT

I was a total skeptic before I started using Insight. After a few months of using it Iím now convinced. The positive changes that have happened in my life are great. It began with small changes and then I noticed that the small changes were adding up to much bigger changes. Iím very happy with my purchase.
ó Christy L.

I love the Insight CD. I've been listening to it for a few weeks. I bought it to get rid of my sleeping problem and it's done that but it's also helping with other things too. I feel so energized and I'm noticing less stress. I sleep really well but I also have wonderful vivid dreams and I almost always remember my dreams now, even though I used to have so much trouble remembering them. The rain on the CD is very pretty too. It's relaxing to listen to.
ó Laura C., Australia


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