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Here's what people had to say about the Insight CD and Focus 2-Disc Set:

Click here to read the review of the Insight CD published by Heartcore Corporation on the HealthyNewAge web site.

Click here to read the review of the Focus 2-Disc Set published by Heartcore Corporation on the HealthyNewAge web site.

Customer testimonials...

I purchased your Focus CD and it has been a Godsend. I suffer from ADD and that causes me to be scattered and also have some emotional swings. Whenever I am off center, I pop in the Track 2 of the Focus CD and within minutes I feel centered and focused. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made for myself. Thank you for such an awesome product!
- Stephen L., Minneapolis, MN

I love the Insight CD. I've been listening to it for a few weeks. I bought it to get rid of my sleeping problem and it's done that but it's also helping with other things too. I feel so energized and I'm noticing less stress. I sleep really well but I also have wonderful vivid dreams and I almost always remember my dreams now, even though I used to have so much trouble remembering them. The rain on the CD is very pretty too. It's relaxing to listen to.
- Laura C., Australia

Thanks for offering a CD that actually does what it's advertised to do. I've discovered plenty of benefits from using the Insight CD each day. Besides being very relaxing, it's triggered new levels of awareness in me. Your tips and suggestions are helpful too.
- Benjamin M., San Diego, CA

I use Insight and Focus and I can tell you from my own experience that the cds are working for me. My results with Insight have been really good....less stress, more calm peaceful outlook, I handle things much better than I used to. I also have a better insight (no pun intended) into myself and how I think and feel. With the Focus cds I mostly use the Focus track while studying. The other two tracks I only use sometimes but not as often, but the Focus track is really great. It's worth the price just for that track all by itself. I tried some of the Hemisync and Brainsync cds and a few others and they didn't work as well as Immrama's cds for the results I was looking for. Just my opinion from my experiences but I don't think you'll find a better set of cds out there.
- Lori

I bought your Insight CD because I was dealing with depression. I've listened to your CD for a couple of months and I've already seen a big difference in how I feel. I'm less stressed out over little things. I don't get upset about little things that used to upset me, instead I seem to be so much more calm and relaxed. I feel a sense of peace in myself. It's very soothing. I think overall I'm a much happier person.
- Debra K., Pittsburg, PA

I was a total skeptic before I started using Insight. After a few months of using it I'm now convinced. The positive changes that are happening in my life are great. It began with small changes and then I noticed that the small changes were adding up to much bigger changes. I'm very happy with my purchase.
- Christy L.

Last night, after receiving my copy of Focus, I was able to read fifty-plus pages of a dry text without drifting off or losing interest. (Posted to our public discussion forum by a customer.)

I bought Focus when it came out, I was having great results with it too, especially when I listened while I was studying, but I loaned it to my sister for my nephew to use because he has ADD and now my sister likes the results so much that I might have to order another one for myself since it doesn't look like I'll be getting my cd back anytime soon!
- Eryn

I'm really noticing changes after listening to your Insight cd for a while. I was suffering from depression and my doctor prescribed Prozac first then Zoloft later but I still didn't feel like my life was improving. After listening to your cd for two months I'm no longer taking the Zoloft or anything else but my mood is so much better. I feel happier and more peaceful and very relaxed most of the time.
- Jamie G., Little Rock, AR

Thanks for making the Insight CD. It's great! At first it relaxed me so much I fell asleep like your instructions said might happen the first few times and I got some really good deep sleep and now whenever I listen to the CD it puts me in a zone. I get a very deep meditation with it and I've noticed a huge change in my self awareness. I'm noticing things about myself I never realized before and I'm having more motivation to take care of the things I noticed before but never did anything about. I have more energy to do things and I'm getting more done in my life. Thanks again!
- Ted L., Westbrook, CT

I'm a licensed massage therapist. I've been using your Insight CD with my clients for almost two months and they love it. I've suggested it to the other LMT's at my practice.
- Terry W., Montebello, CA

I just wanted to tell you that I tried Hemi-Sync and Holosync tapes before I tried your Insight cd, and your cd is the best one that I've tried so far. I find myself reaching a fantastically deep state of inner consciousness. I'm really enjoying listening to the cd every evening. I look forward to my daily listening time.
- Mary H., Texas

Just wanted to say that I've been using the Focus cds with great success. I've been experiencing some extra fatigue and brain fog lately, which makes detail work difficult. Despite my fatigue, I had a lot of paperwork and accounting to do, and found the cds to be very, very helpful in keeping me on task and focused. I've also been using them every night before bed for reading material that requires concentration.
- Penny (Posted to our public discussion forum by the customer.)

As a college student taking a lot of classes heavy on the math, I have benefitted most from Insight and Focus CD in the areas of my education. What I notice is the fact that I am no longer stressed out by school anymore. In the past, the minute that stress overwhelm me, I immediately give up on studying, or delay to study. This has been a huge factor explaining my poor grade. However, for the last two months since I have begun to use the CD, I was not at all stressed out. Whenever I encounter difficulty in understanding, I just took my pencil and paper out and begin writing things, calculating equations and eventually understood the concept. In the past, when I couldn't understand anything, I just got mad, stressed, and skipped what I didn't understood and never came back to it. So I guess one big benefit of the Insight CD is that it helped me became more patient. I also notice that I am more and more relaxed about everything. I used to be afraid of driving in busy streets. But recently I've noticed that driving in busy street is becoming more and more natural to me. In fact, the biggest realization that Insight CD was working for me was when I was driving on a busy street today, and realize only after a while of driving that I wasn't even noticing that the street was busy! I was so relaxed and yet alert that driving on a busy street seems so natural to me. And this is something that is happening in all areas of my life. Whenever I encounter any dfiffculty, I realize that I no longer stress out anymore. Instead of getting stressed out, my brain immediately focus on what I should do to resolve the dfficulty.
(Posted to our public discussion forum by a customer.)

When I used Insight for the first time it definitely brought me into deep relaxation. I fell asleep before it was over. Now I'm able to stay awake through the CD and the relaxation is wonderful. I sleep better and feel healthier.
- Marie

Today I borrowed my friend's Focus CD and brought it to my office at my university. I share the office with two other colleagues who are rather talkative. As you know, white noise is effective in masking out unwanted sounds. Voila! With earphones covering my entire ear and the neutral and pleasant sounds of the Focus CD, I get not only brainwave entrainment helping me to concentrate better on my work; but also the elimination of distracting conversations from my friendly colleagues. This solves a long standing problem, so I'm very happy to report this added bonus using the Focus CD.
- Chen

The Focus CD seems great. In this period, I have to write a lot of evaluations for people working with me. This is something very important, but I always had many problems with it, specially in finding the right concentration. Well, I tried doing it yesterday when listening to Focus (CD2, track 1), and I wrote one in less than 52' (the track was not over yet when I was already done), today I did the same. My supervisor reviewed them and said I did an excellent job. Thus, two of them took me less than two hours, when I was usually doing one in three to four hours without achieving the same results. So, thumbs up 100%!!!
(Posted to our public discussion forum by a customer.)

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